• Science Lab
    Activities based on day to day experience and exploring surrounding environment. Our little scientist will watch a seed grow into a plant; they well identify different colored flowers and leaves and also watch animals looking after their babies.

  • Swimming
    The child's curiosity to play in water is fulfilled. It helps to understand what floats? Why? What dissolves? What settles at the bottom? It is an excellence medium of solitary play as well as co-operative plays.

  • Library
    Books with colorful pictures have a visual appeal, Picture books reinforce a child's knowledge of what is around him and this knowledge exposes him to many new things.

  • Computer Lab
    Well equipped computer lab provides training in basics of computer which helps the child to enter the wide world governed by computers.

  • Skating
    All children in Pre-Primary section are provided regular training in skating by trained coaches. A special skating rink is provided for better practice of young skaters.

  • Art & Craft
    Children gain eye-hand co-ordination and get ample chance for development of their imagination and increase of concentration.

  • Yoga & Meditation
    Helps in increasing so that concentration and the child remains physically fit and mentally balanced.

  • Music
    Rhyme and Rhythm teach children to listen and identify the different sounds. Action songs and rhythm exercises for kids add fun and pleasure to the learning process.

  • Dance / Drama
    Scope for unlimited imagination. Children copy real life situation. This is a place where they learn to act like an adult. Child unveils expressions of emotions through proper training.

  • Karate
    Weekly training in karate help the child to be self confident and get trained in self - defence - which is the need of an hour.
    Besides the above mentioned activities many more seasonal activities are carried out from time to time to bring out the best of your child.