Mission & Vision


The Mission

To prepare the children to meet the challenger of the changing world, to enhance their potential, to produce citizen of integrity and judgement,respectful to others life longer learners with the skill and courage to make a difference to the society and globally.


The Vision

To encourage the children to become confident independent dynamic and concerned citizens, to meet the challenges,while acquiring the virtues of excellence,discipline and respect.


Director Desk

director Mrs. Chetna Raju Tank

India is known for its rich heritage, tradition and cultural values. Today’s world is one of the high competition. Our first aim is to prepare the children to enter into this world. We aim to help young minds grow and learn in an amicable environment resulting in the all round development of the child. With great pleasure we inform that we have formed an education society to provide quality education. At Lalita Public School we aim to provide the experience for physical, emotional and social development of child through progressive modern educational system in an attractive and caring environment. Life does not only mean to achieve goals like career, money, and comfort, it also consists of being physically strong, mentally mature with social, moral and spiritual value. We have taken up this challenge and will try to fulfill it with resolution with everyone’s goodwill and God’s blessings.

About School

Information of the School
Name of the School With Address Lalita Public School
Ring Road, Wardhaman Nagar,
E-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Year of Establishment of School 2006
Whether NOC from State/UT
recommendation of embassy of India obtained

Is the school is recognised, if yes by which Authority Yes, Maharashtra State
Status of Affiliation :
Affiliation No.
Name of Trust/Society/Company Maa Shri Lalita Pragnya Prathisthan
Name and official address of the
Mr. Rajendra Purushottam Tank
177, Radhika Vihar, Queta Colony, Nagpur
Email, Ph.No., Fax No. 9823351513/0712-2790888
Area of School Campus
  1. Swimming Pool
  2. Indoor games
  3. Dance Rooms
  4. Music Rooms
  5. Hostels
  6. Health and Medical check up

Academic Session period From 10thJune 2019 to 20thApril 2020
Admission Period From November to June